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“Never innovate to compete; innovate to change the rules of the game.” Davis O. Adeife.

 For betteror worse, the world is changing fast. The future depends on the coming generation, and who better than the ones


When the stakes are high, you need the right person for the right job. And the stakes are always high.

A curious man asked another “How long have you been working here?” The loyal employee answered “since the time they threatened to fire me.” 

Our Knowledge Sharing Platforms

The i-Capital Knowledge Sharing Platforms are designed to provide opportunities for local, regional and global key players of selected industries of various scopes to come together and discuss challenges, share experiences, network and match make for sustainable business relationships. The platforms are usually organized in the form of summits, conferences, forums and other forms at national, regional and continental levels.

Annual East Africa Cement and Concrete Construction Summit
Annual East Africa Finance Summit

Our Learning Solutions

Our Learning Solutions are human capital development programs offered in the form of skill seminars and training services. We Co-Create packages customized to meet the needs of our clients, and fill the significant gaps that limit innovativeness & competitiveness. We co-create solution in the form of Standard, Corporate-Tailored Packages, and Certification programs.

Standard packages

Standard packages are skill seminars, workshops and trainings designed by i-Capital and other international partners scheduled to be delivered throughout the fiscal year.

Corporate-Tailored packages

Corporate-Tailored packages are customized trainings offered for our corporate clientele. Through co-creating solutions and utilizing the latest learning models & approaches, we help businesses address their current and future development needs.

Certification packages

The Certification packages are focused on developing certified experts, to solve the current increasing shortage of skilled and experienced professionals.

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 "The customer is king", is a famous saying but how much of your operations are based on understanding the customers’ journey and experience. Its known thats a satisfied customer becomes a


Social Media has surpassed newspapers as the main source of news for people. It`s where revolutions are started and national agendas disrupted. It`s where small companies compete with giants, and


How do employees learn and master their craft? How does an organization build and keep the skills it needs? The fastest way to build competency and independence is by mastering one task and


DACUM is a reliable, cost-effective, and highly valid technique that provides a quick and thorough analysis of any job/occupation, in any industry.

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The i-Capital Africa Institute is a private consulting firm established and based in Ethiopia to deliver Intellectual Capital Development Packages, provide Knowledge Sharing Platforms, and promote Innovation & Technology Transfer Solutions for small to large scale enterprises in Africa.

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