Work Ethics & Professionalism

Our workplace is full of ethical dilemmas and professionalism issues these days. To create a healthy working environment, it is vital for employees to demonstrate the highest standard of ethics and professionalism, where employees have specialized knowledge, competency, honesty, integrity, accountability, self-regulation and the proper image. This training offers practical insights that denote the need for a quality of workmanship and insights on the dimensions, concepts and dilemmas of work ethics. This workshop has been designed to provide participants with insights on dimensions, concept and dilemmas of Work Ethic & Professionalism that present-day organizations expect from their employees.

Target Participants

Direct Contact Employees, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Support staff, Experts Middle Management, Strategic Decision Makers, Directors, Executives, Board, Shareholders

Delivery Methods

Participants Will Learn

  • What Ethics and Professionalism mean in a business context,
  • What the common threads of professionalism are,
  • Why Ethics and Professionalism are important in your specific industry,
  • What the major practices that show a lack of ethics and professionalism in your industry are,
  • Specific ethical dilemmas in their industry,
  • How to self-evaluate using different psychological tools,
  • What an ethical, professional and competent employee looks like, and
  • What the organization should do to increase the professionalism of its employees.

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