Inspired by the shortage of skilled and experienced professionals in the insurance companies and fragmented training that are not strategically aligned to the needs of the industry, as there are no dedicated & impactful institutes and foreign trainers lack touch with the local context.

Additional research showed that the insurance industry has: -

  • Almost no creativity & innovation
  • The industry has a significant skill gap, lack of dynamism, ethics and professionalism.
  • Experts are already leaving the industry out of frustration while no meaningful development efforts. Even the 2% allocated for training isn’t being efficiently used.
  • Employee poaching is a critical problem for the industry. Some have boxes but no one to fill with.
  • Insurance knowledge is not being transferred from one to the other in companies. Knowledge is literally walking out through the doors.

Thus, i-Capital in collaboration with local content experts and professionals co-created the Insurance Skill Package, through a long process over the past 3 years, 30+ rounds of package development meetings, (i.e. The first one was on April 4, 2018), co-created the skill package with more than 7 highly experienced insurance professional, and conduct cross-examination and verification sessions in Bishoftu.

OCCUPATION: Underwriter
PART ONE: Underwriting Knowledge Course
PART TWO: Underwriting Skill Course
PART THREE: Insurance Professionalism
UWKB: Underwriter Knowledge
UWSB: Underwriter Skill Beginner,
IP: Insurance Professionalism

The Skill Package Content

The delivery team is a highly experienced Insurance professional from the sector and Soft Skills Training by i-Capital Professionals and Jimma University. This Certification program is provided jointly by The i-Capital Africa Institute and Jimma University.