Structured On-the-Job Training

This training package is designed to introduce workplace skills development approaches to help companies implement these systems that will enable them to continuously develop their own internal expertise. This workshop will show how information from an occupational analysis is used to design training programs, specifically how to design structured on the job training (S-OJT) programs. Furthermore, the training will also discuss how classrooms-based training programs can be combined with S-OJT programs.

Target Participants

Executives, Directors, Senior/Middle-level Managers, Department Heads, HR/TVET Professionals and Curriculum Designers.

Delivery Methods

Participants Will Learn

By the end of the workshop,

  • Discuss current training issues in your organization,
  • Describe what is meant by S-OJT,
  • Describe the S-OJT process,
  • Develop an action plan to implement S-OJT Programs,

The workshop provides an awareness of the knowledge and skills necessary to implement S-OJT


Ronald Jacobs, Ph.D., Professor of Human Resource Development, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and Principal of RL Jacobs & Associates, a global consulting firm. Professor Jacobs has written over 100 journal articles and book chapters and has authored or edited six books that address a range of topics in human resource and workforce development. Professor Jacobs has extensive experience in working with government ministries and organizations, related to addressing human resource and workforce development issues.

His recent books include "Structured On-the-Job Training" and "Work Analysis in the Knowledge Economy".

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