DACUM Job/Occupational Analysis

DACUM is a reliable, cost-effective, and highly valid techniques that provide a quick and thorough analysis of any job/occupation, in any industry. Its use with many companies, community colleges, and government agencies has shown the process to be very effective, quickly accomplished, and low cost. The DACUM process is used to determine the competencies that should be addressed in a training curriculum for a specific job/occupation. DACUMs are used to develop job profiles for all types of current Jobs /Occupations, Including top-level managers and specified jobs.

The DACUM job/ Occupation Analyst skill seminar is designed for the company, school, college, and other workforce development program or course designers, training coordinators, trainers, curriculum specialists, educational specialists, and human resource development specialists.

Target Participants

Directors, Managers, and Staff Members

Delivery Methods

Participants Will Learn

At the end of the workshop be a successful DACUM facilitator by
  • Learning key elements of the DACUM Process - learn how to use DACUM effectively- acquire facilitation skills -learn how to obtain panel comments and clarify panellist statements with probing techniques.
  • Obtaining Practice- use the DACUM process to practice analyzing a job and receive mentoring and feedback from a trained facilitator.
  • Conducting their first actual workshop- with a team of new facilitators under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.
  • Receiving Certification as a DACUM facilitator - recognizes them as having successfully completed the i-Capital Africa Institute facilitator training.


Dr. Gemechu is the Founder & CEO at The iCapital Africa Institute, a professional service firm that co-creates solutions to help businesses transform themselves. He is also an assistant professor at the College of Business and Economics at Addis Ababa University. His teaching and research interests focus on National Workforce Development (Occupational Standards, Labor Market Information, and School-to-Work Transition); HR in Organizations (Strategic HRD & HRM; Workplace Learning, Organizational Design, HR Transformation); Business Strategy, Organizational Culture, Managing Change in organizations and related. He has a PhD in Human Resource Development from a joint program between AU (ETH) and the University of Ohio (US).

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