Competency Development: Strategies for HR/HRD Managers

Competency Management System is the set of management practices that identify and optimize the skills and competencies required to deliver on an organization`s business strategy. Individual competencies represent the characteristics that are critical for successful performance in certain job roles. Competency management provides the foundation to manage strategic talent management particles such as workforce planning, acquiring top talent, and developing employees to optimize their strengths.

Target Participants

Directors, Executives, Managers, Strategic Decision Makers, HRM, Supervisors & Team Leaders

Delivery Methods

Participants Will Learn

By the end of the workshop

  • Describe what is meant by work analysis
  • Define the key terms related to individual competencies
  • Discuss how organizations have used individual competencies
  • Develop a competency development project plan
  • Discuss the issues related to the use of individual competencies


Ronald Jacobs, Ph.D., Professor of Human Resource Development, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and Principal of RL Jacobs & Associates, a global consulting firm. Professor Jacobs has written over 100 journal articles and book chapters and has authored or edited six books that address a range of topics in human resource and workforce development. Professor Jacobs has extensive experience in working with government ministries and organizations, related to addressing human resource and workforce development issues.

His recent books include "Structured On-the-Job Training" and "Work Analysis in the Knowledge Economy".

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