Organizational Health Diagnosis

An organization needs two main elements to sustain itself in the long-term. The first is ‘performance’, which can be defined as ‘what an organization delivers to stakeholders in financial and operational terms’. The second element which is also the concern of this diagnosis and its consequent report is ‘health’. For an organization, its health is its ability to align, execute and renew itself to sustain exceptional performance over time and faster than similar best preforming organizations. The Organizational Health Diagnosis solution measures and tracks the organizational health elements that drive performance. These elements are:
  • Direction
  • Accountability
  • Coordination and Control
  • Leadership
  • External Orientation
  • Innovation and Learning
  • Capabilities
  • Motivation and
  • Work Environment

Benefits of Assessing Your Organization's Health

  • Measures and tracks the organizational elements that drive performance.
  • Is a powerful road map for leaders and managers to improve organizational health.
  • Generally, healthy companies perform better.
  • In healthy companies, employees:
    • Know where the organization is headed and understand the plan to get there
    • Have the tools, capabilities and motivation to execute
    • Are empowered to innovate and change