Organizational Design

Our point of view on organization design is that it must start with strategy, incorporate far more than just ‘boxes and wires’ and be delivered using a robust methodology. The objective of this exercise is to design strategy aligned organization structure, decision rights framework, along with rigorous change impact analysis and implementation recommendations.

An organisation design that works needs a clear strategy to guide specific decisions. Using a fact-based approach, supported by robust analytics-based insights helps establish strategic alignment and contribute to the case for change as well as enabling the early identification of risks and opportunities.

Benefits of Organizational Design

A good organizational structure

  1. Enables realization of objectives through proper coordination of all activities
  2. Easier Communication among departments
  3. Minimizes individual conflicts over jurisdiction
  4. Reduces overlapping and duplication of work
  5. Decreases possibility of “runarounds”
  6. Enables promotions of personnel
  7. Helps in wage and salary administration