Learning Package Need Assessment Survey

Dear Sir, Madam

Our Learning Solutions are human capital development programs offered in the form of skill seminars and training services. We believe in collaborative development and co-created solutions that create valuable, practical, relevant & transferable knowledge. Our Standard Learning Packages are designed to develop skills and traits that fill the professional skill gap. Our Corporate-Tailored Packages are tailor made to the specific needs of your organization. Our Certification programs provide the formal qualification for experts.

i-Capital will be selecting programs from the list below to launch a training session this coming September. For this we are conducting a need assessment survey to know which of these packages you would be interested in. Please first select the top six programs you would be interested in and whether you would be interested in them individually or at a corporate level.

We highly appreciate your participation and input. Please note you don’t need to identify yourself in the survey and all responses will be for internal consumption only.

please select six packages
please select how the training should be delivered
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