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The Impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Ethiopia Construction Industry The Impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Ethiopia Construction Industry

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Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute , ETHIOPIA

Different studies revealed cost and time overruns, quality and design related problems, inefficient productivity as compared to the international norm, luck of proper project integration are the critical challenges that hinders the Ethiopian Construction industry’s performance. Apart from the aforementioned critical challenges, the Industry is rapidly booming at the double digit rate of progress. It is noted that one of the reason for such inefficiency is the industries character of being non proactive in using appropriate technologies. Among the reputable state of the art technologies that could create a real difference in the performance of the Construction Industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM) takes the leading role as revealed in may developed and developing countries. The benefits of BIM includes but not limited to; increased speed of delivery, better coordination, decreased cost, greater productivity, reductions of errors, high quality of work and better facility operations.

Accordingly, this paper tries to cover about the BIM concepts, its Benefits in the construction industry and its development trends worldwide, its maturity levels, important dimensions (7D), process and stakeholders that are viable as well as beneficiary for the BIM. Withstanding to the theme of the workshop, the pivotal role of BIM in the construction industry in relation to cement, concrete and Energy is also highlighted. Further to the above, the paper tries to address the use of BIM in the construction Projects lifecycle including the Planning, Designing, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Demolition phases. Finally, the paper stipulates ECPMI’s plan in championing, materializing and disseminating the BIM Technology in the Ethiopia Construction industry.

Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute is established to ensure the effective implementations of the countries short and long term construction programs and projects in terms of time, cost and quality through building project management capacity of key actors of construction project implementers and thereby sustain the ongoing rapid development of the country.

The Institute is currently working on:

  • Initiating policy, strategy and action plan that facilitate the building of competitive construction, project management capacity
  • Identifying gaps in construction project management and giving practical training,
  • Conducting research and study to expand and deepen the modern construction project management skills and knowledge,
  • Technology transferring and developing best practices,
  • Facilitating certifying construction project management professionals at international standard levels,
  • Developing unified and publicizing construction project system,
  • Providing Construction consultancy service,
  • Identifying and disseminating throughout the construction industry the construction appropriate construction project management methodologies that contribute to the development and transfer of technology.