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Challenges of Innovation in Cement and Concrete Sector (Green Cement)” Challenges of Innovation in Cement and Concrete Sector (Green Cement)”

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Kassahun Admassu (PhD)

Director of Materials Research and Testing Center, EiABC, Addis Ababa University ,Ethiopia

Cement and concrete are synonymous with today’s human habitat and infrastructure development. The over 200 years’ old cement is gaining strength through the ages by shaping the modernization of the globe in every aspect. Along with the enormous benefits it has rendered in this space of time, there also are certain drawbacks as related to its impact on the fragile global eco-system. Recognizing the challenges many research works have been going on under various institutions funded by the giant cement industries to expedite their social responsibilities. The coordinated effort is meant to make cement and its application sustainable for today and the foreseeable future. In this regard, the cross-sectional review of the to-date effort undertaken in here is aiming at sensitizing and initiating a holistic approach in shaping up the yet young East African Cement Industry by implementing the concept of green cement right from the start to adhere with the saying “ Prevention is easier than curing”. 

Kassahun Admassu Abegaz is a civil engineer by profession and has served over diversified capacities in the engineering industry for the last 38 years. He holds a BS.C. degree from the Addis Ababa University of the then Faculty of Technology, MS.C and PhD in structural engineering from the Warsaw University of Science and Technology, Poland. Currently he is a staff at EiABC/AAU as a Managing Director of the Materials Research and Testing Centre (MRTC). His interest area of research is in construction materials and is engaged in “Low Cost and Low Energy Green Binder”; which is a project at a pilot stage. He is also a patent holder for the findings he made. In the academics, he is lecturing, supervising and advising post-graduate candidates in the field of civil engineering.