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Mining & Environmental Management: Successful rehabilitation of Quarry wastelands to Ecosystems for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystems Services at the coast of Kenya Mining & Environmental Management: Successful rehabilitation of Quarry wastelands to Ecosystems for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystems Services at the coast of Kenya

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Mr. Albert Akondo Musando

Manager, Environmental Education & Ecosystems, Lafarge Ecosystems Limited – Bamburi Cement Ltd, Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya’s coastal forests are important to the preservation of indigenous species and the well-being and livelihoods of local people. Therefore Lafarge Eco Systems Ltd, a subsidiary of Bamburi Cement Ltd has been engaged in extensive quarry rehabilitation since 1971. In 1984 the Quarry Nature Trail that is today known as Haller Park was first opened to the public, followed by the Forest Trail in 1995.

Today, the former quarries have more than 430 species of indigenous trees, shrubs, and lianas, many of the indigenous species now reproducing in the restored ecosystems and supporting biodiversity, including more than 180 species of birds, 80 species of butterflies, 17 species of dragonflies, 14 amphibian species and 35 different mammals among other forms of biodiversity.

Haller Park and Forest Trails are showcases of dedicated long-term commitment to rehabilitation for environmental sustainability and services. The greening of over 600 hectares of land contributes to pollution control, hydrology and provides a renewable source of timber and firewood. The sites are valuable tools for broader public education on environmental conservation, biodiversity, land use and contributes to the socio-economic prosperity of the region. These former quarries attract over 170,000 local and international visitors a year.


Albert is an Environmental Scientist. He is the manager of Environmental Education & Ecosystems for Lafarge Eco Systems Limited (a subsidiary of Bamburi Cement Limited). He rehabilitates Bamburi Cement Quarries, develops and manages them into ecosystems for biodiversity conservation and sustainable land use (ecosystems services). He has over 20 years work experience in Environment and Sustainability. He is a member of Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and CSR committees for Bamburi Cement Limited; National Steering Committee member for Integrated Coastal Zone management (ICZM) headed by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)- Kenya. He collaborates with Government agencies and the private sector on matters of restoration, Environmental conservation and management. He has participated in many activities including State of the Coast; Pollution Prevention and Control; National Plans of Action for ICZM; Environmental Education Awareness and Communication Strategies; Community based Natural resources management among others.

Albert has an M.Sc. in Environmental Science (Pwani University); Bachelor of Education degree-Geography major (University of Nairobi); Professional Certificate in Biodiversity conservation (SI/MAB) from Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (USA); Advanced International Certificate in Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development (ISCD) University of Gothenburg (Sweden); National Diploma in Tourism Management, from Coast National Polytechnic (Kenya); and Executive Certificate in African Sustainability Leadership from Strathmore University (Kenya) and Institute of Sustainability, University of Cambridge (SA). He has been a Panelist on African Sustainability Leadership course of Strathmore University. Albert has spoken on various topics including Quarry restoration, Sustainability, Product development & environment, Conservation education, Eco tourism, among others.